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      Cleaning Equipment
      Cleaning Equipments are used for elimination of dirt, contaminants, oil and grease from components of different machines. Developed as per industry specified guidelines, these equipments have high output and long working life.

      Filtration System
      Filtration Systems are used for effective removal of contaminants from surrounding air and also from oil surface. Automatic function, energy efficient mechanism and ability to handle fume and smoke are the key aspects of these filtration equipments.

      Millipore Set Up
      Millipore set up systems are used to evaluate cleaning methodologies used by different manufacturing plants. These user friendly systems have been developed as per global norms. These systems remain functional for years.

      Fabrication Products
      Fabrication Products are used for installation of electrical cables and also for storing and transportation of bulk goods. Made of stainless steel or mild steel, this range of products can be used under different working conditions.

      Custom Made Equipment
      Custom Made Equipments are meant for meeting specific application needs  of customers belonging to different industries. These electrical systems are mainly used for testing possible leakage in industrial machines, for packaging of goods  and also for handling bulk products.

      Digital Ultrasonic Cleaner
      Digital Ultrasonic Cleaners are used for effective cleaning of metal, ceramic, glass products and various other materials within a short span of time. These ultrasonic cleaning systems can be availed in three phase power source based design.

      Component Cleaning Machine
      Component Cleaning Machines are effective in fast and effective removal of contaminants from machine components. These mild steel made cleaning equipments comprise of 120 l tank, 1200 mm inner basket and user friendly control panel.

      Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine
      Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaning Machines are used for trouble free cleaning of dirt and contaminants present on the components of various industrial equipments. These cleaning systems are run by three phase power source and these can be availed at reasonable rate from us.
      Auto Parts Cleaning Machine
      Run by three phase power source, this range of industrial Auto Parts Cleaning Machines has key role in improving performance and in extending service life of vehicles, These machines can be operated at 10 bar air pressure and at 70 degree C operating temperature.
      Ultrasonic Vapour Degreaser
      Stainless steel made Ultrasonic Vapor Degreasers are well known for their advanced features and high output. These systems consume 380 v voltage to function. Low noise generation ( 50 dB) is one of their main aspects.

      Oil Skimmer
      Mild steel made Oil Skimmers are used for removal of floating grease and oil from fluid surface. These three phase systems are powered by three phase source and these can be operated at maximum 60 degree C temperature.

      Crate Washer
      Automatically controlled Crate Washers are used for thorough cleaning of bulk crates at minimal water usage level. These crate washing systems are capable of washing up to 250 crates in every hour.

      Parts Washing Machine

      Parts washing machines are designed for industrial and commercial cleaning applications, specifically for removing dirt, grime, grease, and other contaminants from various parts and components. They use a combination of cleaning agents, heat, and high-pressure water or air to clean and dry parts quickly and efficiently.